The first recorded cyber crime took place in the year 1820 which is not surprising considering the fact that the abacus, which is thought to be the earliest form of a computer, has been around since 3500 B.C. in India, Japan and China. The era of modern computers, however, began with the analytical engine of Charles Babbage. In 1820, Joseph-Marie Jacquard, a textile manufacturer in France, produced the loom. This device allowed the repetition of a series of steps in the weaving of special fabrics. This resulted in a fear amongst Jacquard’s employees that their traditional employment and livelihood were being threatened. They committed acts of sabotage to discourage Jacquard from further use of the new technology. This was the first recorded cyber-crime.

Cyber Crime happens to almost everyone who has an email id, mobile and internet who is the member of a social networking website and applications or even who is doing online transaction to carry on business or daily routine expenses.  But we never know how it happening unless you become a victim. The impact of victimization may be such that you may need to either hide yourself from the real world or you may run from one police station another to make them understand what has happened to you and how did it happen. India has developing Cyber Law, Information Technology Act. Many may not know the exact consequences and usages of the cyber law to internet crimes targeting an individuals and body corporate. Women’s especially feel “left nowhere” when they become victims of cyberstalking or harassment. We are here to hear your problems and provide best possible counseling and first incident response. You need not spend anything, but just the time to mail us. If you are a victim of Cyber fraud, don’t hesitate to SUBMIT YOUR CASE.